Who We Are


Senior Care Drivers is based in London and is a division of London Medical Transportation Systems (LMTS), with collectively over 23 years of experience in the delivery of non-emergency transportation. We offer premium wheelchair and ambulatory transportation solutions. We can also arrange stretcher services on request, with transportation provided by a third party.

At Senior Care Drivers we are seniors ourselves. We are retired or semi-retired professionals from various walks of life such as past business owners, bank managers, police officers, and nurses.

Not unlike many retirees, we found that we had simply too much idle time on our hands. Working with Senior Care Drivers provides us with a satisfying opportunity to help seniors (people helping people) which is a genuinely rewarding experience!

Our drivers are far more than simply people behind steering wheels. We provide caring, compassionate and fully reliable service. We routinely assign the same driver to recurring clients such that drivers become trusted companions over time, and friendships are often formed.

We Recruit Experience.

All of our drivers are mature individuals with at least 20 years of driving experience with a safe driving record.  In addition, our wheelchair vehicle drivers receive special training through Q’Straint (recognized leaders in wheelchair passenger transportation safety).  This training includes the proper use of safety belts and harnesses as well as driving, passenger loading and unloading procedures.  You can rest assured knowing that our passengers are being driven with very high safety standards and levels of care.

A Friend To Help From A to B

Passengers are greeted by our drivers in their homes/facilities, escorted to vehicles, and offered assistance entering and exiting the vehicle.  Our experienced and caring drivers can help with putting on winter clothes, speaking with reception at medical service providers to ensure appointments are in order, and even wait during appointments when required. We call this level of service “through the door” (vs. a curbside drop-off).

Driven in Safety

We offer a wide range of vehicles to ensure passengers are being driven in comfort and safety.  We offer regular passenger vehicles without company markings to avoid any embarrassment that may sometimes be associated with being seen in medical or senior transportation vans.  We also offer certified wheelchair transportation vehicles and more based on passenger needs.

Affordable Premium Service

Our business has grown over the years because of the high quality and dependability of our service. Our prices are both competitive and affordable.  Drivers will even help fill out additional information at the appointment if needed.  Family members and health care practitioners are welcome on the drive at no additional charge.  We can also bill to a third party if required.